How To Achieve Effortless Customer Experiences In The New Normal

Establishing a seamless connection with your customers and knowing what platform they’re in is the foundation of every great customer experience. To be able to differentiate your company against competitors, it’s vital that you get a clear view of your current customer base in all your channels. 


In today’s modern world, it’s important to be proactive across all your channels. Here are three ways you can drive seamless customer experience and actively meet the growing needs of your customers. 

  1. Utilize Digital Messaging. Digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Emails allow your customers to send text, voice messages, photos, or videos. The modern customer now expects you to meet them on their terms and on their own time.

As the quarantine period began this year, more companies have been plagued with long hold times, leading to frustrated customers. Through digital messaging, organizations can easily handle large volumes of contacts per day. This isn’t only convenient for customers but for your call center agents as well. 

2. Contact Center as “Customer” Center. Normally, contact centers focus on how to optimize customer interactions once a person has been contacted. However, creative companies study the entire process to better understand their customers. It’s from here where your company can gain the ability to predict your customer’s needs and proactively deliver the right answers over the correct channel quickly. 

3. Utilize AI. Oftentimes, customers will have questions that don’t demand a representative to answer. The best way to leverage this need for self-service and effortless customer experience is through the help of artificial intelligence. AI allows you to meet your customers in different digital channels and immediately delivers the assistance they need. 

In today’s new normal, customers expect to be on the receiving end of effortless experiences. With the help of modern technology, strategizing and creating these experiences is definitely possible. 

Benefits of Social Media Customer Service

Social media has been a popular medium most especially for the modern consumers. The importance of social media has been amplified this year as quarantine measures have limited physical interactions. Now more than ever,  customers turn to a company’s social media channels for information and updates. 


There’s much more to social media that can help businesses gain an advantage over the competition. Here are some benefits of social media customer service.

Establish a deep relationship with your customers. Social media is an excellent platform to improve your relationship with your customers. Connecting with them on a personal level will help customer brand loyalty. No matter how popular or good your service or product is, if your customers have a bad experience with customer service, they will mostly shift to other brands. 

Instant feedback. Customers who reach out to businesses through their email don’t expect a response right away. However, that’s not the case when it comes to social media platforms. When a customer reaches out through social media, the response time is expected to be short. 

Improve brand awareness. Social media helps you improve and uphold your brand’s reputation. Customers follow your brand to learn more and to stay updated. This is your company’s opportunity to shape the way your customers see your brand through the type of content you post.

Having a strong social media presence does not end with creating a social media account. To maximize your social channels, you should optimize your profile, share relevant content, join communities, or try outsourcing. Outsourcing your social media customer service will not only lessen your costs, but it will also expand your workforce without the need to spend on onboarding or facilities.